Sylwester Pawęta PhD
The owner of the Tradix Sylwester Pawęta company. He works at the Institute of Material Science at the Lodz University of Technology. Head / main contractor of 5 projects of the National Center for Research and Development or the National Science Center. In addition to broad business activities, his scientific interests include management and optimization of business processes and marketing.

dr hab. Tomasz Niemiec
Professor at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Specialist in the field of animal nutrition and food science. Head of the Department of Animal Nutrition at the Faculty of Animal Sciences at SGGW. The main research areas are the use of innovative feed additives for animals (extracts from invertebrate animals, silicon-calcium sedimentary rocks, α-ketoglutaric), optimization of the composition of production of compound feed in commercial snail breeding, and characterization of the biological properties of nanomaterials.

Andrzej Łozicki PhD
Works at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology, Faculty of Animal Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences. His scientific interests and scope of research include animal nutrition, the impact of nutrition on the nutritional and dietary value of animal products, production and preservation of roughage and its effect on the content of bioactive compounds in feed, technologies for the production of concentrate feed and the use of feed additives in animal nutrition. He has extensive experience in working with breeders and feed producers.