Tradix Sylwester Pawęta carries out a project entitled “Implementation and verification of the system ensuring optimal humidity and sanitary safety of feed tables in intensive Helix aspersa Muller small snail farming”.

Co-financed under Measure 1.1 of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The project will use two sources of antimicrobial prevention, safe for the environment and animals. In the one-season production experience, the so-called effective microorganisms (EM) inoculant will be introduced into the irrigation system. A mixture of beneficial bacteria and yeast spread with water throughout the all experimental field will be a natural barrier limiting the multiplication of potential pathogens. The second technological solution introduced into the breeding will be covering the feed tables with a special antimicrobial coating (in nano technology) whose task will be to directly reduce the development of pathogens in the places of their intensive reproduction. Verification of the project assumptions will take place through the assessment of life and post-mortem health parameters, growth and development of snails, as well as the assessment of the microbiological status of the environment. The result of the project will be the implementation of a comprehensive system reducing the microbiological risk of the breeding field intended for intensive fattening of the small grey Muller snail. Thanks to the maintenance of the microbiological equilibrium both in the field and on the feed tables, the health and condition of snails will improve and one should expect less mortality of animals. Increasing the productivity of mature, healthy snails, with a well-concealed crust will be the final result of the work provided for in the project.

The total value of the project: 855 810.00 PLN
Co-financing: PLN 513,748.00